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umm *pokes head in door ohhhh and slips in*

the cute BOYS in dressess oggle DEMONNALISSA as she enjoys EATING tons of MEAT.
her BOOBIES attracted many PINUP GIRLS whearing lots of RED and eating lots of CHOCOLATE CAKE. to the MEN's HORROR they realise that these WOMEN are WRITING on their MEATy parts with CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE, while pretty bairly 18 GIRLS suck up lots of the boy's beef STEAKS... ahem...
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Where is this???
tee hee if i tell you then, it would defeat the purpose of TEASING now wouldnt it...
well umm, i wrote that thinking queenie made up the interest list... to my dismay after i posted i found out it was josh's list... so now im like dammit... i teased josh NOT queenie... thats going to be rectified...
dont worry...

Deleted comment

oh.. ok! even better!
Your supposed to tease me Val, not everyone else :P


i didnt realsie you didnt make upt his site... josh did and that that was josh's list so now im like fuck... but consider it a preveiw of what im capable of mwhahahahahaha!
so be forwarned